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On-line Classifieds And And Printed Newspaper Classifieds

Many site owners think over the possibility to add a classified section to existing sites or built new sites and make local classifieds available through on-line services. Every day more and more people log on to the Internet in order to find a good deal. Here comes the question: which advertising type is more efficient. Now I’ll try to figure out the differences between on-line and printed ads, their pros and cons. We better go through these systematically to see all the benefits in their right perspective.

Actually there is no confrontation or antipathy between advertising in a local newspaper and at electronic classifieds. Different styles of advertising appeal to different kinds of people. I just try to outline the opportunities online classifieds discover. It’s purely your choice, if you publish ads in newspapers, advertize at the Internet, or combine both on-line classifieds and printed classifieds.

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